I am fascinated by how human beings choose to live their lives. We do not know why we are here and I really believe that there is no one right way to live life.

Striving to be your authentic self can be very challenging these days. Being curious, questioning the accepted, and exploring alternative ways of living can often lead to others dismissing you and feelings of disconnection. 

I think exploring unconventional ways of being and living is exciting. It brings a sense of freedom to me. When I have felt limited, lost or disconnected in my life, I have often looked to strangers for guidance. I have looked to the independent thinkers and curious explorers of this world. Individuals who represent true authenticity. I call them Mavericks. During challenging times in my life, their words, lyrics, melodies, ideas, and stories have stopped my inner flame from going out. 

If you feel disconnected or limited by external pressures, I hope that the words, ideas and stories I share here will inspire you to trust yourself and help you feel more connected and less alone in this crazy journey we call life.