Mindset And Tackling Limits

Ten days before I turned 15 my father died. It is only now, on reflection, years later that I realise that a part of me died too that day. The part of me that survived was visibly alive to others but I was floating around in a unconscious state. Facing the reality of death at such a young age left me distracted with infinite unanswerable questions.

Unfortunately, this distracted state impacted on my development in a number of ways. In particular, my ability to concentrate in school and achieve academically. I was disruptive in class and spent many weekends in detention. I didn’t care about the future and lacked direction. I was broken and hurting. Teachers patience waned and I left school with the belief that I was academically incapable with bleak career prospects.

Everything changed when I read a brilliant book called The Brain That Changes Itself. It is written by Norman Doidge. This book changed my mindset, outlook and life. Norman is a distinguished scientist, psychiatrist, and a person who has gifted new beginnings and hope to many through his writing.

For years, scientists believed that the human brain remains fixed after early childhood, subject only to decline. Contrary to this belief, Norman shows us that our brains have the remarkable power to grow, change, overcome disabilities, learn, and recover.

He shows that, whoever we are, whatever we’ve become, it is never too late to change. We can learn new skills, we can change old habits and create new ones. We can learn, we can grow, we can improve our lives.

It is a book with an incredible message – nothing is fixed. It provides us with the evidence we need to make massive change in our lives.

Since reading this wonderful book, I have completed two science degrees and my undergraduate research was even published in an international journal. These achievements are my reminders that limiting beliefs can be overcome. It is not an easy process but it is such a fulfilling one.

I have a strong desire to help others to achieve their potential and overcome their limiting beliefs. I am teaching myself photography and filmmaking now and hope to inspire others through this work.

I strongly urge you to take action. Share your journey – I would love to hear about it. Your thoughts and beliefs shape your future reality.

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