I Wish I knew

Sometimes you can find yourself in situations where you will be hurt by others. It does not mean you deserved to be treated that way. But, it can be really difficult to come out the other side without scars. I hope knowing that you are not alone in these experiences will give you the strength to recognise that you don’t deserve this treatment and that your feelings are valid. That you have the right to stand up to it or to walk away.

I never knew that being a server meant being:

A servant to you

A person that was lesser than you

A voice that needed silencing by you

A receptacle for the hatred and unkindness in you

An object to be looked at

A body to be touched

A spirit to be crushed

A heart that would almost be broken by you

Jesus, fuck, I wish I knew.

3 thoughts on “I Wish I knew

  1. David Yamada says:

    Thank you for the kind words about my blog post on workplace bullying. I only wish that it wasn’t necessary for you to have to find it because of your experience. I hope you’re rebound from it.

    David Yamada
    Minding the Workplace

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