Fleeting Love

Fleeting – what a beautiful word, I love how this word sounds. It means lasting for a short time.

When it comes to romantic love, I believe that fleeting love is undervalued and rarely spoken about. In our society, we usually are only told of the value of lasting love. But I think that there is so much to learn from experiencing fleeting love.

Fleeting love causes ripples in the smooth sands of monotony. It shows up unexpectedly, intercepting our daily routes and routines. It brings gifts…oh so many beautiful gifts.

It brings the intoxicating energies of lust and desire. It makes the mundane exciting. It heightens are senses. Reminding us that we are alive.

It comes to heal bruised hearts. Wrapping them up in softness and kindness. Offering them the hope of new beginnings.

An uncomplicated love that is shared under the covers between fleeting lovers. Never in need of validation or explanation. A love without all the burdensome questions.

One that offers a brief escape from the outside madness and sadness.

A simple love between two beating hearts in a brief window of their existence. Reminding their owners of the fragility and impermenance of life.

Altough it goes. It is a love that leaves behind indelible memories that come back to kiss sad souls on cold nights.

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